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Boat Workbench

Boat benchIt is no fun working on a boat upside down on the PDF thrown on the floor, so I put this frame together. All dingys including the 420's can utilize this work bench. The 8 bolts on the ends hold the frame together. By removing the bolts, the frame can be stored on less real estate, or hung from hooks when not needed. It is hard to do good work on a moving target.

Paint Storage

Paint shelfThese paints given by Great Harbor Boatworks. They used to live in a dark janitor closet in several cardboard boxes. Now the cans are exposed so they can be identified and used. I did see one gallon of black paint purchased even though there were two quarts of black paint in stock. Two quarts was enough to do the job. Note the span of the shelves, the weight of the paints that are two deep on the shelves, and note how much the shelves are sagging under the weight.

Optimus Storage

These "highly" engineered stands need a little construction help. Four bolts hold the cross member to the verticals piece. The weather weakens the wood and loosens the bolts so the cross members will start moving more as boats are loaded and unloaded. Half-lap joints would delay the failure for a long time. Half-lap joints would also have glue, wood, and bolts to hold the cross members in place. The X-cross members were fasten with screws at the end. After a few years, these ends became like twigs instead of a board. The new z-brackets are glued and bolted together. The brackets are bolted to the verticals. There is a huge area to spread the force. There area is much larger than a couple of screws.
Optimus stands

PFD Storage

Many PFD's are stored on the floor. Concrete contains moisture. Mold likes moisture. PFD's can be wet. Wet means moisture and mold likes moisture. So PFD's stored on concrete do not dry and mold can grow. Here on hangers they have a chance to dry. It looks like at least 20 PFD's can be stored here. 20 PFD on the floor would take up a little more room than this thing.
Old PDF storage
New PDF storage