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When we first walked into this place a few years ago, stuff was piled into storage heaps. Phyllis somehow got the okay to build the shelves for the sails. She had many useful materials in and around her shop that could be used. Wood was obtained also from the local saw mill, Al's scrap pile, and off the side of my house. A few other suggestions were made, and I ran with it.

The 420 sail storage used to be on the work bench.

Old 420 sail storage

The work bench was moved next to the outboard storage. Another staffer did a fine job of using lines to mount shelvers. The requirement for shelves were none in front of windows. I offered to work with the staff to create a good storage unit but the director quickly shot that offer down.


The new shelf is 30" deep, 8' high and 8' long and holds uses 49 pipes.
Pipes New Shelf