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The Mother-In-Law was getting a little cold in the Great Room. Also, it was the coldest room in the house even with a hot fire burning. When we took the siding off, we found that the walls were tight with styroform insulation. The windows did have a gap around them. The ground squirrels have made nest above the windows.


Side of house

The siding and windows need to be removed to insulate the walls. These boards were removed and I made 4 tables with the wood.


Results after the siding and boards were removed.

Remove window

A tent was made to keep out the weather.


The frame is now ready for the insulation.

raw window

Kris insists on doing the extra steps and he is a great teacher.

Kris taping

The next photo shows the windows back in with the window frame properly wrapped. The Building Science Corporation has articles suggesting that you keep the wall completely wrapped which includes the openings for the windows.

window back in

While I am talking about Kris's work, here is the result of his doing the window casing. The wall went from 4' to 6" so there was a little gap to fill in. The wood stick on the bottom is used for the window plastic in the winter.

window trim

Spray foam was used to seal all gaps. The foil back insulation was used here because wood heat is being used in the Great Room. The foil has a 1" gap between it and the wood wall. 4" of blue foam went on next.

insulation install

Here is what the front wall looked like with the siding and boards coming off. We found much space around the triangular window. When the window went back in spray foam was used to fill the gap.

removing siding front

The front wall in the process of being wrapped up.

Installing insulation front

Battens were installed to hold the siding. Using an infra-red camera or infra-redthermometer, the bolts used for fastening can be found. Breaking the heat transfer is not easy!

battens for siding

And about the mother-in-law? She is still cold.

The temperature results will be posted later.