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Finishing a post and beam house has it brain challenges. Typical houses have ceilings with wires for lights. This house had neither and no white ceiling for light reflection. Shop lights were used for temporary lighting. The shop light in the kitchen was replace with this fixture:

Kitchen Lights

The Great Room also was using a shop light. Sure do miss my shop (it was in the Great Room). We found 4 good fixtures at Marden's for $12 each. The 4 X 4 for mounting the fixture is a few feet beyond the reach of the 16' ladder. So by using a 2 X 4 to lean the ladder on, then I was able to get to put the 4 X 4 into place. During install I was dealing with a little case of Vertigo.

Great Room Lights Install

Shop light

Great Room Shop light

Finishing the install

Great Room Finish Install

Finished product -- It took many feet of wire for to hook up the 3-way switches.

Great Room Finished product

Another fixture was hung from the ceiling for the 3rd floor hall, replacing another shop light.

Hall Light

The 3rd floor bedroom got one as well.

Bedroom Light

Lights in the common area on the 2nd floor.

Lights in the common area

On the outside, there were a few wires with nothing at the end.

Outside wire

Outside light installed.

Outside light

The end of the light show.