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Utility Room

The power bill was getting a little hight so we replaced the washer and dryer with more efficient models. Most of the wood came from the neighbors (Al Jensen and Sons) scrap pile. Sheila makes do with what she finds:

Old Shelves

Old Shelves 2

The washer and dryer came with the house. The front loading washing machine is more efficient. There is a well feeding water to the house so that makes front loading machine is even more efficient. The dryer vent is a straight pipe going down into the basement. After the pipe goes through the floor, it goes into a diverter for summer or winter. In winter, the valve feeds the heating ducts. In summer, the hot moist air goes out side.

Hole in wall

The new machines are in place and the frame work for the shelves are in place.

Layout shelves

Sheila is confirming that her supplies will fit. 

Framework shelves

They do. The doors were made from wood from the scrap pile at Muddy Creek. Sheila even gets a folding table with the machines and shelves.

Finish cabinets